About Us

Since its conception, MPCT has for me confirmed that young people from all types of backgrounds can and do succeed in the right environment. It has been my privilege to witness young people make the very difficult transition from childhood to adulthood and develop into positive, productive role models in their own right. They become members of their communities and are able to contribute emotionally and economically.

Teamwork, personal pride, physical and mental robustness, duty, community spirit, confidence and humility are the qualities that MPCT endeavours to teach its learners. By using an holistic approach to training and focusing on what are essential skills for employment, learners find that they are able to achieve their goals.

Most gain far more than they ever felt possible. With this new found set of skills and qualifications, doors are now open to them, which were previously firmly closed.

MPCT is committed to engaging young people and preparing them for training, further education and employment.

MPCT's motto is :

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail...

Remember this and you will achieve your aim.

Good luck !